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Groovy Little Movers Music has been created in collaboration with Andrew James Music. Together, Katy and Andrew have produced a collection of fresh, original songs and music, specifically created to support the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Leveraging Katy's creative songwriting skills and Andrew's mastery in composition and production, Groovy Little Movers Music is excellent quality, packed with learning but packaged in fun.

Groovy Little Movers


Groovy Little Movers Songs have been created alongside the EYFS curriculum, supporting children’s development of communication and language. Songs include phonetic sounds, a rich vocabulary of the body and movement, positional and mathematical vocabulary and language which supports personal, social, and emotional well-being.

Groovy Little Movers


Groovy Little Movers Instrumentals are in a range of music genres, exposing children to music from around the world. Child learn to play percussion instruments to the beat of the music, developing an understanding of foundational musical terms and experiencing how music impacts us physically and emotionally and can help us to exercise as well as slow down and relax.

Here are some snippets from the Spring Term repertoire to get you in the groove.
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